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BegIN The Journey Back To You


I’m an experienced Energy Transmuter/Healer and a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to healing. Through my practice, I strive to align patients and promote well-being in order to keep the mind, body, and spirit healthy. I have always been a very spiritual person; I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of spirits/angels/energetics. I was blessed with the gift of being able to connect with the 'unseen' world and love having the opportunity to connect my clients with their own universal current. My focus is to bring forth awareness and healing through compassionate love, and to teach others how to open up their own spiritual potential.


·Kenny Baker III ·ZenKenIII·

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Black Diamond

“Treat the cause not the effect”

Dr. Edward Bach


Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your well-being or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced? Get in touch to book a consultation.

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