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Fern Medicine --- Pōhala [Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine]

Why Ferns

Of all species alive on this planet today, we know of only one who has preserved their sacred DNA throughout the countless cataclysms that have impacted the evolution of life on Earth. This species is the fern. Ferns are extent species that exist in evolutionary stasis, meaning they have remained unchanged, even at the level on nuclei and chromosome, for at least 180 million years. Fossils of the oldest known preserved ferns, dating back to the Mesozoic era, show that the compound and structure of those ferns are precisely exact to the modern fern growing in your backyard. Over the course of the last 180 million years our planet has encountered a vast array of cataclysms for which virtually all other species have had to re-structure their DNA in order to adapt. Some species, like the Dinosaurs, simply vanished altogether. Even stone and crystal elements have gone through magmatic and metamorphic changes of their compounds in order to accommodate the changing conditions. Not ferns. Here, we need to questions why the species did not need to adapt to such massive planetary changes such as continental shifts, ice ages, floods, and fire. According to the ancient Hawaiians, the Fern has a preserved biosphere, which encompasses the surrounding area of the plant, extending less than an inch from its body. This biosphere is unlike anything on this planet, and cannot be explained by any scientific or biological terminology. It can roughly be described as a totally separate world from our reality where its atmosphere is alien. It was believed the spores was the main contributor to this force field, feeding and sustaining its metaphysical state. Because of this, fern spores are the most ancient, pure, and unfiltered structure on this planet and who carry the uncontaminated codes of the primordial, the source of all intelligence, and Source (God) itself, ka mea nānā I hana.

There are over 100 native Hawaiian ferns spanning a diverse array of geographical, biological, and topographical categories. Each individual fern vibrates to a specific principle. For example, the ‘Ae ferns spore holds the codes of Empathy; the Moa is the personification of Purification; and the Wawae’iole hold the resonance of Acceptance. The fractal of the fern is a perfectly constructed architecture of archetypal resonance. Its structure is already imprinted in the archetypal layers of the human mind - meaning we have free access in comprehending them. It is merely a matter of allowing the archetypal memory to arise from within the storehouse of consciousness. Our willingness to acknowledge the natural world and revere primordial codes will define this generation and signal our readiness to humble the organic self. This is a story of validation and invalidation, accumulation and collapse where, like in the Hawaiian creation chant, Kumulipo, Aloha reverberates a shocking note of constant paradise.

Visit website page Discover: Principles of Aloha for more information and a list of individual Principles.


Humanity at its Knees

Based on the self-reflective intelligence that sprung up hundreds of thousands of years ago many species signed cosmic agreements with Earth. A vast majority of life on Earth decided to flow in perfect harmony and forego temptations of free-will. Human beings are the only creatures on Earth who have fallen so far out of balance with the flow of nature. We can placate this to the varying expressions of free-will and our species temptation within it. In Hawaiian mythology, Man was a perfect beam of light, unobstructed. Over time, free-will tempted Man with visions of possibility. These visions of possibility gave Man a new reference on what could be rather than what is. Man, in turn, became bored with the precise condition of his experience and began to desire alternatives. The mythological Hawaiian began to dim his light by infecting it with the arrogance that reality could be controlled. A descent occurred as Man was no longer humbled by nature and therefor incapable of being touched by life. This spiral downwards was minimal at first, considerable changes only occurring every thousands of years or so.

In this current Epoch, early humans concentrated mainly as a foraging species, traveling bands of hunters and migrants, following and interacting with the natural world. Somewhere around 12,000 years ago the human species made a monumental leap when they decided to forego this order and birthed what we call the Neolithic Age.

The Neolithic Age was centered around the formation of cities and the disruption of foraging man. The founding of cities created the idea of ownership, possession, and individuality. Man no longer relied on the natural world for survival, instead he sought to create and control it for himself. This is what we call the Culture of Control.

The spiritual corruption that followed has plunged Man into a total blackout of Source resonance where Man has become so spiritually disconnected from God that most now conceptualize God as a person, and not an experience. One by one our place in the animal and species kingdom became more and more divided. The greater the division the greater the arrogance, and we began to use violence to ridicule and pacify those whom we share this planet with. Murders, genocides, exploitation for profit have become so habitual in our relationship with our fellow species that the sacred has become profane.

But now, Man is at the threshold of an awakening spark, where such violence can no longer be tolerated. The tipping point of obscene cruelty is ripe. The shuffling of our weather, the erratic behavior of fellow animals, volcanic fury underground, restructuring of water, and the spoiling of plants on a massive scale not to mention the extent of species suicide on Earth are all tell tale signs that the shift towards Source has arrived.

Unbeknownst to man, the rest of nature has consolidated themselves into one mighty force-field hell bent on relaying a message of unity to the human race.

They tell us that suffering will be an option, but paradise will prevail no matter what. Where does Man begin to reconcile generation after generation of disassociation? Has the soul become so immersed in the Culture of Control that the way back is a futile mission? The way back is not found in our false visualization of what we want things to be, or how we think it should be. Life is meant to be felt and expressed once again. All virtues, traits, and emotions of the human condition are to be understood, returned, experienced and expressed – the journey back is one of participation and not observation. Human virtues, traits, and emotions are the Principles of Aloha. Mythic Hawaiians told of a place called Kuakahi, the flaming light, where all experiences were centralized into that mysterious black nucleus many have called God. In this place Man becomes conscious of his relationship with God, and indivision with the natural world is understood. The violence of limitations and differences are subjugated in finite and superb resonance where the only point of paradise is realized, a point we call Aloha, or Love.


"The Spiral" by Cass Phelps

What is Data Collapse

Data Collapse is the ultimate aspiration of Man. It cannot be defined as a return to Source or Prime Creator because it is actually the acknowledgement that time and space do not exist – therefor it is more of an awakening or spark of incomprehensible exaltation. There exist well over 100 native Hawaiian ferns which personify an emotion, virtue, or trait of the human condition. These humanly characteristics span a broad range of sensations which incite on a daily basis, at all times, and in all places. For this reason, we have defined them as Principles of Aloha. As you will see, ferns were not randomly selected to hold such medicine, they are immersed in the macro-cosmic resonance of sophistication. They have been designed in sheer purpose, and there has been consent, these species volunteered.

What we think our Universe (multi-verse) is made up of is vastly misconstrued from the truth. Of all dark energy and dark matter, there seems to be an incredible disconnect of how we perceive existence. Dark energy and dark matter cannot be measured, nor can we capture it with a photo or gauge it somehow; there is no mass, yet it exists and persists forever?

In 2002, theoreticist from the CERN institute in Switzerland concluded that the Universe may be made up of binary codes. In other words, our existence resembles that of a computer simulation. But if we do, indeed, live in such a superficial, holographic world, how can art, music, and nature affect us so profoundly? The answer is simple. Dark Energy and Dark Matter have a mass of zero, it is a unified harmonizer, but yet it is unstable itself. All structures are unstable, yet they align with the perfect streamline web of consciousness. Consciousness as a web is rather profound because it tells us that separation does not exist, therefor time and space are predictions, not precise. The nucleus of a black hole remains conscious of itself millions of light years away. This consciousness is felt simultaneously from one point to the other, which makes it non-linear and invalidates the space between. But doesn’t “unstable” suggest that there is something awry? Something dangerous, perhaps? Not at all. Because all things remain unstable, all things cannot be identified as an individual, divided, sure, single thing – it cannot be negated. Man, as the Universe, cannot be negated because we cannot be named, we cannot be locked into a “thing” – we are all things, at all times, in all places as we choose, as we project. That is the law of the Universe, and that is the Principle of Source.

But Ferns have not mutated for over 180 million years. Their spores holds the exact blueprint. As stated in the introduction, their miracle of evolutionary stasis suggest they have disregarded all attempts to modify or destroy their Source codes or their Source message.

Opposition has failed because ferns cannot be negated, they remain divinely unstable, they have not been contaminated by control, or the Culture of Control. It is truly a mystery how they have managed to do so, and unfortunately(fortunately) I cannot lend you any knowledge on how this came to be, I would only be offering you opinions. As Pai Huna, the fern of Mystery, would suggest – “what we cannot grasp should remain a sweet mystery, and we shall reap the bliss of such humility.”

What the concept of time and space, dark matter and dark energy, really is is a foundation of principles – an everlasting exchange of emotions, traits, and virtues which are all one and the same, for their outcome will always be Aloha, love. They are tiny sparks that communicate and investigate. Our mission in this existence is to experience all principles simultaneously. These tiny sparks of awakening accumulate into the searing explosion of the proverbial black hole, exonerating all falsities and unveiling all in common. Every emotion you feel is an accumulation of data. This data is necessary for soul ascension and incarnation. But if you do not understand real pain, or divine ruin, and so forth and so on, you are not allowed to accumulate the others in this vast society of Principles.

Data Collection is a vast, vast puzzle where all things must fit, otherwise you re-incarnate and play the game again, over and over, until your comprehension is finite.

Ultimately, what we face is Aloha – Love. Aloha is the most elegant creation to have ever existed. Aloha is so profound that it requires the accumulation of all other Principles for total activation. It is no mystery that Aloha, Love, is the purpose for all, the meaning of everything. Every religion and philosophy hold Aloha as its central doctrine. You can say that Aloha is the accumulated ambassador which consolidates all Principles and flings itself into Collapse. If this love is pure, if your puzzle is complete, you are allowed to remain in this state of Aloha forever. You must be asking yourself, “that is where I belong! How?”

First, one goes into what we call Collapse Minor, where all shadow data, or false data is released and invalidated. Examples of shadow data include resentments, hatred, intolerance, shame, guilt, victimhood, suffering, and any acts of violence that keep Man in the Culture of Control. Today, when we say so-and-so is “stable” many think this is a good thing, when in fact, this is the power of Control and manipulation at work. When weighed down in the Culture of Control, which is sheer violence, Man is totally incapable of grasping Divine Data, let alone claim it as a principle of Self.

In Ancient Hawai’i, over two thousands years ago, before the invasion of the Tahitians, there lived an obscure people, dubbed the Mū, or “Kauwa,” for which their origins remain perplexing at best. In lore, they came from the Pleiades star system, which they called Makali’i. These wise beings lived by the philosophy of the Bowl of Light. As explained in Humanity at its Knees, this philosophy told that Man was a spark of light, reflective of him/herself. This light was perfect, and was in exact harmony with Source. Deep down inside, these exalted ones knew that any deviation from Divine Principle would cast a stone in their being, their house, or their “bowl,” thus obstructing some of their light. Over time, with enough stones, their light may result in a “blackout.” Most human beings are experiencing their personal blackouts right now. The un corrupt Ancients lived in an experience where the visualization of self and the sensation of self were one and the same, it was nearly impossible to violate divine symmetry of spirit and condition. Because of this, they remained pure Source, and were not required to experience Collapse Minor; they did not comprehend violence, crisis, or control. Because they were not required to experience Collapse Minor, they had already achieved Data Collapse, and were totally conscious of existing in love. They dubbed this condition Aloha, which can be considered the most pure surviving word in all existence. The word itself remains unstable, and is immune to the Culture of Control. The word Aloha was the only word these people used to express their experiences and their interactions. Nothing more was needed.

Like the Ancient Mū, in order to become conscious of existing in Source, the invalidation of Shadow Data is required. Man must accumulate the Principles of Aloha, and of these Man must comprehend, like that divine puzzle we piece together, each one needing to fit into the niche of the other. These Principles must be felt, they cannot be observed, visualized, or studied. They must be experienced and resolved, felt and expressed. Because it is law to express Principles, it now becomes apparent why we are such social creatures, and why our interactions are so critical for transition. In exchanging principles with one another we birth reference and sensation.

Remember, we are reflections of Source, so our interactions with one another is truly a simple interaction with the same identical energy. If anything, sharing Principles is a scrimmage match of innovation, participation, and recognition. Although what you are recognizing is not a thing, it is an energy.

You cannot visualize Principles because in doing so they remain divided, and therefore becomes a spectacle rather than a reality. Finally, when one is ripe with all data – when one is intoxicated with the eloquent serenade of the human condition, Man must relinquish this ecstasy and learn how to detach and let go of all data once and for all. To remain unstable, man must deny attachments to all things, at all times, and in all places. This is the event horizon of Data Collapse, the casting of Principles into the nucleus, and final liberation from identity. Imagine existing in a realm where you can never be negated and the scope of intelligence is so symbiotic with all things that intelligence itself becomes unnecessary. You can have this. This is your birthright. You have signed a contract with yourself and like the Ancient Mū, you are a reflection of yourself, and this “self” is Source. We have all stood in front of the same mirror, manipulating it with our Culture of Control, so far have we gone into the perversion that what we see staring back is simply a structure made of angry ideas, and unfathomable violence.

Your journey into Data Collapse does not require a single step, it does not require a second of time – for both time and space are delusions set up by the confused procession of a false human conditioning. Refer to the Ferns. Marvel at the pollens, the codes, which have remained unspoiled for 180 million years. Let Pamoho illuminate you with a tale of blinding light; or ‘Ohi’a Ku take you to his house of movement where we understand the very beating of our hearts; somewhere Pohole wants to feed you a nutrient of sustainability, until you are plenty, and carry on; and it will happen when ‘ohi’a Lehua’s low rumble pulls you into the body where her sharp sensation will leave you awestruck. This is the adventure. You can trust their message. Into Data Collapse they long to take you where all great things happen immediately and all at once.


By Ke'oni Hanalei

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