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Netflix Announces New Series Based on Meditation App; Headspace

We could all use a little Zen right about now, and Netflix is coming to the rescue with a new series based on the popular meditation app Headspace. It’s actually part of a three-series deal that Headspace signed with the streaming service, according to The Verge. The first show will be called “Headspace Guide to Meditation,” and will feature the narration of Headspace cofounder and former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe. His vocal guidance will be matched by animation and soothing music, according to Netflix.

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I hope meditation can bring you a greater sense of presence in your life. A greater ability to not be distracted, to enjoy life, and to connect with the people that you care about most. —Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe

The Frontlines: Launched in 2012, the Headspace app was an offshoot of Puddicombe’s in-person meditation events held around England. Having spent time as a Buddhist monk, he was looking to bring meditation to the general public, stripping it of lengthy time commitments and its reputation for mysticism.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, studies have shown meditation to be helpful in reducing blood pressure, as well as combating symptoms of stress-related conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Though more research is needed, meditation is thought to cause physical changes in the brain and body, which can fight health problems.

Research has shown that changes in brain activity among people who meditate remain even when they are not meditating One study showed that just four days of trained meditation can improve cognitive function, including the ability to pay attention Practiced and regular meditation may help fight addiction by assisting an individual in becoming sensitized to their triggers and improving self-control

A Mighty Voice: Our contributor, Shona Curley, shared how meditation became a tool in the fight against her symptoms of Lyme disease. “I believe you can use meditation at night to train your body and your brain to sleep again. Lyme disrupts this basic rhythm, and it takes work to train ourselves back into healthy sleep patterns. With this training, you can avoid the trap of lying awake and worrying about not sleeping, further patterning stress into your nights. The brain is habit based! Whatever we practice enough eventually becomes habit and sticks. With this meditation practice, you will bring your nervous system slowly back to its natural home in deep relaxation and comfort.” You can submit your first-person story, too.

Other things to know: Mindfulness and meditation are used by many people to manage their symptoms and improve overall health. Our community members share ways the practice has enhanced their life here:

How to take action: You can view the trailer for Netflix’s Headspace Guide to Meditation below. The show will premiere on Jan. 1, 2021. To download the Headspace app, visit the app store on your mobile device and search for “Headspace.”


By Karen Veazey

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