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What Do You See???

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

...what is the first thing you see here???

•••trees, roots, or lips???

A. Trees

If the first thing you see are trees and/or tree trunks, there is a large possibility you are an extrovert. You are polite but also cannot be pushed around or mocked easily.

You are sensitive towards other peoples opinion of you and care greatly for what they think of you. Although you surround yourself with many people who you consider friends, only a few of them are sincere and true. You look soft and gentle on the outside but you are essentially a strong person internally. You are also very wise and tend to hide your true emotions.

In addition to that, you have extremely high standards and do not trust people easily. You have a mysterious side to you which makes it difficult for other people to read you or guess what’s on your mind. You are open to all possibilities and outcomes of the future to ensure that you succeed in anything you put your mind to.

B. Roots

If the first thing you notice are roots, you are an introvert. You acknowledge your mistakes and easily accept constructive criticism in order to change for the better in the future.

People who first meet you will think that you are someone who is very ordinary with no glaring talents or attributes. However this impression changes when they get to know you and they start to realize you are extremely knowledgeable and sharp.

You are also incredibly disciplined and diligent when you put your mind to accomplishing something. You have morals and principles which you use as a guide to live by. This has made you the kind of person who knows what they want and will achieve success in life because of this clarity.

You are also someone who is independent and responsible. You always strive to be a better version of yourself and believe that you can always improve. Although you are meek and sometimes suffer from low self-esteem, you are a hard head and portray signs of stubbornness.

C. Lips

If lips are what you first saw when you looked at the image, you are a simple and quiet person. You prefer an average life which is not complicated by unnecessary commotion to find fulfillment. You are very flexible in your thoughts and manners and always go with the flow.

You are wise and also sometimes naive as your thoughts are not malicious and you always have good intentions. You may be perceived as weak and in need of help but in reality that is not true. You have strength in dealing with problems on your own without the help of anyone.

You do not care for complicated relationships and like to be honest with people. Therefore people come to you for advice or to talk to because they know they can trust your opinion.


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