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Scientists May Have Found a Portal to a 5th Dimension

Physicists are currently searching for a hypothetical particle that can act as a warped 5th dimension.

Scientists may have discovered a portal to a 5th dimension. As posited by Swedish physicist Oskar Klein, the fifth dimension is "unseen by humans where the forces of gravity and electromagnetism come together. As the two forces unite, it creates the basic theory of fundamental forces. In theory, scientists would be able to observe dark matter, which is the "unidentified substance that accounts for most of the universe's mass," for the first time with this portal. This is not some sci-fi story or something out of DC or Marvel Comics. A portal to the 5th dimension could be right around the corner, along with the arrival of more UFOs and Aliens. 2021 might be the year it all comes together.

The new 5th dimension study is by theoretical physicists Javier Castellano and Matthias Neubert at the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, and Adrián Carmona. They are on the hunt for "a hypothetical particle that can act as a portal to a warped fifth dimension that mediates the cosmic realms of light and dark." The "warped extra dimension" (WED) is a trademark that was first registered in 1999, and this new study is attempting to explain the dark matter issues present within particle physics, banking off of the original 1999 study.

Dark matter helps scientists explain how gravity actually works, yet not a whole lot is known about it. Javier Castellano, Matthias Neubert, and Adrián Carmona have been studying fermion masses, which they "believe could be communicated into the fifth dimension through portals, creating dark matter relics and 'fermionic dark matter' within the fifth dimension." The scientists are using new physics as a way to study further into what could possibly be a portal into the 5th dimension. "We know that there is no viable [dark matter] candidate in the [standard model of physics]," the scientists say, "so already this fact asks for the presence of new physics."

The bulk masses of "fermions that are manifested in the so-called fifth dimensional warped space" is the key to understanding this new portal. So far, the immense amount of dark matter has not been detectable by scientists, though that could change in the near future. As it turns out, "fermions jammed through a portal to a warped fifth dimension could be 'acting as' dark matter." Basically, thanks to the work of Javier Castellano, Matthias Neubert, and Adrián Carmona, we could get some groundbreaking physics news really soon.

In their study, Javier Castellano, Matthias Neubert, and Adrián Carmona note, "Another possibility, which we did not explore yet, is that this new particle could play an important role in the cosmological history of the universe, and might produce gravitational waves that can be searched for with future gravitational-wave detectors." When all is said and done, "This could also eventually lead to an interesting cosmological history of the universe and might lead to the production of gravitational waves. This is an interesting line of research, which we plan to follow in the months ahead." You can read more about this groundbreaking 5th dimension study over at Yahoo.



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