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This Week’s New Moon Is a Solar Eclipse in Gemini—Here’s What Life Changes Will Reveal for Your Sign

The upcoming new moon on June 10th at 6:52 a.m., ET, is also a powerful solar eclipse in Gemini. And as the second eclipse of the season, many signs can expect this cosmic event to usher in new realities. Gemini is a mutable air sign ruling over information, communication, and mental energy, so during this solar eclipse in Gemini, we can expect the reveal of information, especially from the past, to increase and to empower us to stand in our truth, rely on our intuition, and emphasize the power of discernment.

A new moon or solar eclipse happens when the moon forms an exact connection with the sun. The difference between the two events is that a solar eclipse occurs close to the north and south nodes of the moon and is more potent than your average new moon. It can also signal life changes, depending upon how it affects your sign. This particular eclipse season is the most impactful for Gemini and Sagittarius placements, which represent the collective frequency and vibration of thoughts and beliefs that create reality.

This particular eclipse season is the most impactful for Gemini and Sagittarius placements, which represent the collective frequency and vibration of thoughts and beliefs that create reality.

A positive aspect influencing the overall energy of the solar eclipse in Gemini is auspicious Venus in Cancer forming a harmonious connection with Jupiter in Pisces. Venus represents abundance and justice, while Jupiter is about expansion. These are the most beneficial planets in the cosmos, and they are supporting us during this transformative time. This can also be a period of growth, through the healing and transmission of past challenges. Many also can also feel influenced to dive deeper into their spiritual practices or religious beliefs.

Mercury, currently in retrograde Gemini, also plays an integral role in the energy of the solar eclipse in Gemini. It brings up confusion, reveals hidden information, and resurfaces situations from the past. Personal and societal truths may come out at this time and push us to reckon with them in order to heal. Finally, Neptune in Pisces forms an intense connection with the sun, moon, and Mercury retrograde in Gemini during the eclipse. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and represents escape, illusion, and creative imagination. This can influence people to escape reality and reconnect with what’s familiar, which is not necessarily ideal energy in terms of mental precision and focus. With this in mind, the solar eclipse in Gemini is not a great time to start something new, despite such being commonly believed about new-moon energy.

Ready to discover what change lies ahead for your sign regarding the solar eclipse in Gemini? Run your chart in an online generator (like this one), and read your sun, moon, and rising sign for a holistic view of the month ahead.

What to expect for your sign as a result of the solar eclipse in Gemini.


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The solar eclipse in Gemini is influencing you to embrace your truth and heal in order to move forward. Hidden information that you did not expect could develop, and it’s important to practice discernment, especially when posting online. Decide what is right for you, and articulate this to others based on what you believe to be true.

Your new moon self-care tip: Internet breaks or social media cleanses are a real thing. With such intense energy surrounding the solar eclipse, consider taking a break (and perhaps a day or two after, as well). If you can, meditate, reflect, and journal rather than scroll and react.


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Your self-worth is highly linked to your financial situation, and to advocate for yourself, you need to communicate. New issues can arise surrounding your earned income, which will push you to look at the details. You may realize that increasing your prices, asking for a promotion, or advocating for your worth is necessary at this time. The very way in which you make a living could also transition to something more in alignment for you.

Your new moon self-care tip: In order to align with what you deserve financially, journal and create a list of things you absolutely need in order to fully show up for your job. Whether it’s weekly manicures, periodic vacations, travel, or anything else, budget this out. This can give you a solid number in order to be clear with the universe what you want to manifest in terms of money.


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You are the focus, and this is a time of impactful personal growth and transformation. The solar eclipse in Gemini is activating who you truly are, and pushing you towards this more authentic direction. This is also spotlighting who you are as an individual and how you relate to others in business, personal, or romantic relationships. Where do you sacrifice who you are for others? It’s time to empower what you want and communicate it to others.

Your new moon self-care tip: Transformation and personal growth can feel exhausting. It’s important to take time for yourself in order to reflect and restore your energy. If you can, scheduling a reiki or energy-healing session to arm you with the spiritual tools needed to navigate this time.


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Moon cycles affect you more than any other sign, as the moon is your planetary ruler. As a deeply emotional sign, logic and sharing your truth with others can feel challenging for you. This is empowering you to exercise your voice in order to heal the ways in which you repressed it in the past. Use your judgment to to handle hidden information that is influencing this conscious shift.

Your new moon self-care tip: Singing and humming during meditation or breathwork is incredibly healing for your throat chakra or energy center. Enjoy a session with your favorite app or practitioner, and incorporate this into your practice. Finding strength in your voice will help you the most now.


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Who you know and your network is in focus. Contacts from the past could resurface bringing in opportunities or unexpected hidden information via social media. It’s important to use discretion at this time when accepting new agreements, but ultimately working with individuals from the past is a safe bet. If you have felt out of sync with your true passion, the cosmos are pushing you to step more into that direction. Your hopes, dreams, and wishes are in order, but first healing is long overdue.

Your new moon self-care tip: Reconnect to your inner child in order to fuel your passion. Journal and take time to write about your ideal future. If you can, find joy in finger painting, playing a game, or even going to a museum. Getting out of your comfort zone and indulging in fun opens the mind up to new possibilities.


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A change in your life path and career is coming, and you are embracing your personal power. Perhaps others have shamed your natural leadership abilities, but you are now receiving the opportunity to step up. This could be from a source from the past, which also is ideal as Mercury is retrograde. Lean into this new path and embrace your truth in what you need in your professional life.

Your new moon self-care tip: Anxiety and stress can set in for many Virgos during this time, so taking steps to take care of yourself is key. While a busy schedule is tempting, it’s not the best. If you can, take a wellness day off and reconnect in nature with your element of Earth. Think about your goals and how you want to approach this new opportunity.


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Continuing your education, solidifying your knowledge, or teaching others can be a theme for you during this eclipse cycle. You also may travel to expand your horizons or share your ideas in a more public way. It’s important to be aware of miscommunication or deception at work or with an integral colleague. Use discernment and take your time as you navigate your day to day work life. Your intuition would serve you well, so tap into this power.

Your new moon self-care tip: Intuitive power can be strengthened and used through the power of meditation. When you are navigating intense energy, this allows you to check back in with your physical body. Take time to integrate this into your day, and allow yourself to tap into how you feel.


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Topics surrounding court cases, loans, mortgages, shared resources, or fertility are in the energetic spotlight for you. Depending upon your personal situation, you may have to advocate for yourself and your needs surrounding these topics, which can feel uncomfortable. Gemini energy is all about communication of truth, and the cosmos is highlighting where you have not empowered yourself to speak. Hidden information can be revealed, pushing you to take your power back through your voice.

Your new moon self-care tip: Communication is key during this time, and taking steps to honor your truth is the ultimate form of self-care for you. Journaling out your intense thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be a positive form of release. This also can help you craft how you approach and communicate with others during eclipse season.


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How you relate to your relationships—business, love, or personal—is changing. Perhaps the way that you have communicated with others, or the types of partners you have let in, is no longer a fit to the new you that is blossoming. Limiting beliefs surrounding this area of life can come up in order for you to release them. Expect relationships from the past to resurface in order for you to walk through them again and make peace. Be honest with yourself and what you desire from partnerships.

Your new moon self-care tip: Shadow work is a powerful tool that can help heal, integrate, and change limiting beliefs you may have surrounding relationships. It essentially requires you to go into your memory bank and take note of challenging situations that are not being re-created in your present. You can then send love and do a meditation around healing whatever is not happening.


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Health, wellness, and your work life are undergoing major shifts during the solar eclipse in Gemini. It’s important to practice self-care and to know your limits with how hard you can work at this time. A situation could push you to finally speak up, communicate, and set limits on your schedule. It’s also important to take your time navigating the daily grind, and practice mindfulness with communication. New information can be revealed to you at this time in your work sphere. Be practical and decide what’s true for you.

Your new moon self-care tip: You may feel fatigue from overworking yourself. Taking time out with a spiritual or cleansing salt bath with healing essential oils may be just what you need. Water holds emotion, and when we connect with it, the effect can be cathartic during stressful times of change. Now is your me-time away from the world to restore and recharge.


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It’s important to navigate your budget with accuracy, as the universe could push overspending right now. Another way this energy can manifest for you is a focus on fertility or shifts occurring in the life of a child. It could also mean a truth is revealing itself in the area of your self-expression and creativity. You are becoming more accepting of your passion, truth, and innovative spirit. Don’t be afraid to share your “out there” Aquarian ideas—they will serve you well.

Your new moon self-care tip: Ideas are of no use if they stay in your mind! Tap into the power of a vision or mood board to engage your creativity. This can spark ideas, and also help you have a better idea of where you want a creative project or endeavor to go. Have fun with your vision.


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Matters of the home, family, and ancestral lineage are coming into focus and presenting opportunities for healing. Information surrounding the past can come out, leaving you feeling tense, but this can also be necessary in order to move forward. You also may be moving, changing homes, or revising contracts surrounding properties. With such an intense move towards private matters, you also may have left a career hustle or changed your life path in order to align with family needs first. Choose your truth.

Your new moon self-care tip: Cleaning house and applying feng shui techniques from your favorite practitioner can be incredible for your space. When you remove clutter that you no longer need in your space, it also creates space for what you do need to come in. Donate, recycle, or sell what no longer works for you and release it.


By Adama Sesay



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