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About Mantis Beings


Written by Jacquelin Smith, C.HT.
Star Being & Animal Communicator, Author, Psychic, Artist


All of this information comes from communications with Mantis beings as well as my personal experiences with them. Also, I remember many things about Mantis culture since one of my key origins is being Mantis. I have a high percentage of Mantis DNA now since I’m a hybrid. I’ve also lived as Mantis in a number of other lifetimes.

Mantis beings show up to share messages almost on a daily basis. They are often hanging out at my house. Mantis beings continue to teach me about the deeper levels of who they truly are and what they know.

It would be impossible to share all of my experiences with Mantises and about being Mantis. I’ve included some personal stories that I thought you might enjoy.

When they show up sometimes they are more serious when giving me information, but other times, they come to simply hang out and play.


The origins of Mantises are based in various interdimensional folds or spaces. As the cosmos evolved and the Milky Way Galaxy came into being, they began to exist in the Andromeda, Orion and Sombrero Galaxy star systems, as well as others which are beyond what humans can identify.

Many Mantises live in the higher interdimensional spaces since they are an ancient race. They are highly evolved beings and can move in and out of dimensions with great ease. Also, Mantis beings work in dimensions and beyond dimensions that humans cannot begin to understand or comprehend. All of this is incredibly humbling. Humanity is one thread in the tapestry of the All.


Mantises are a collective. They are all telepathically linked and know what each other thinks and feels. They are able to share thoughts, experiences and whatever else they desire to share with one another. Even though they are connected telepathically, they are still individuals having their own personal experiences, and they each have different tasks which they perform to best serve the collective. Their main focus is on supporting the cosmos energetically, as well as supporting various star races throughout the cosmos.


There are various Councils of Mantis who joined with other Councils of star beings to create the cosmos. Mantis beings sang their beautiful frequency songs and sounds of light, as artists, to help create the cosmos. They are one of the key races who created the cosmos, and they timelessly continue to do so. We could say the cosmos is a web of sound and light woven together, always evolving.

Elohim created Mantis beings. The race of Mantis beings existed long before the cosmos was created as well as the angel realms, whale-like beings, dolphin-like beings, and some others who humankind is not yet aware of.

In the beginning, it could be said that sound and light began manifesting. Keep in mind, our human perception of linear time is an illusion. Sound and light are intelligence. Sound and light speaking everything into existence - the original Light Workers. Wow! There are spectrums of sound and light that humans cannot begin to comprehend or perceive. We could refer to all of this as “the mystery.”

There are those who are called the “Sacred Dreamers,” who dream energies and beings into existence. These Dreamers created the Elohim. They are highly advanced energies of sound and light which cannot be described. They assist the Elohim, Angels, as well as the Mantis, and others.


I always enjoy communicating with Mantises. They are highly intelligent and also express a wide variety of emotions. When I see a Mantis etherically and quasi-physically, they are about 8 or 9 feet tall, but they can range in height. I’ve also communicated with Mantises who are 3 to 4 feet tall. Other Mantises working in other dimensions can be the size of a city block or larger.

Mantis beings look similar to a Praying Mantis. They have six appendages like a Praying Mantis. They do not have claws on any of their appendages. They have extra joints, and their hands and long fingers bend downward. They are bi-pedal and walk upright on two appendages. Some have what look like small, rounded nubs on their appendages. They have exoskeletons.

I love looking into their beautiful, large black eyes. There are some Mantis hybrid races with almond-shaped eyes. I have also seen some of the White Mantis females (who guide councils) with large, shimmering silver eyes.

They have a triangular-shaped face. There are various hybrid species of Mantis who appear to me as different colors, which is their frequency. They also have third eye lasers – literal directed beams of their intentionalized energy – which are used for healing, levitating objects, shifting energies interdimensionally, and other tasks.

Mantis beings move in a fluid way with grace. Also, they don’t need to eat. They are nourished by sound and light.

Mantis beings are referred to as insectoids by humans, but that is simply a classification created by humans in our current knowledge of only Earth species. They are not insectoids, but that’s all humans can compare them to.


Mantis beings can communicate with varied frequencies of clicking as well as with high frequency sounds, which is their star language. The different hybrid races of Mantis speak different kinds of dialects depending on where they reside. When they speak their language through me, it is often in high-pitched sounds, multidimensional frequencies and various kinds of clicking.


The temples that Mantis beings have created throughout the cosmos are very important to them and other types of beings as well. These temples are considered sacred and serve many purposes. I have had the honor of being in these temples many times. They are pure crystalline light. This is the best way I can describe them.

There are sacred Mantis keepers of the temples. It is their task to watch over the temples since not just anyone can enter them. They decide who can ride the crystalline spiral of light, which is part of the temple. I’ve had the experience of riding up to the top of the spiral and then flying down it, like a kid on a slide - it’s great fun!

This beautiful spiral of crystalline light can be experienced by other beings. It raises the DNA frequency, and can be used for healing, and for evolutionary leaps for various star races.

Mantis beings invite many star races, who they feel are ready, to experience this amazing spiral of light. They know who is ready for shifts in various ways. Also, there are starseeds on Earth who also can experience this spiral.

The temples are also used for sacred ceremonies. For example, two Mantises sometimes commit themselves to each other. This is similar to an Earth marriage, but it is based on a much higher spiritual vibration and intention. Their souls literally merge.


I have a singing bowl that the Mantis told me to buy. I knew it was Mantis frequency and that this bowl would only be used to bring it through. Mantis energies flow through my whole body, as well as my home. They sing their songs energetically through this sacred singing bowl.

While playing this singing bowl, its frequencies also carry me to the Spiral Temples interdimensionally. There are sacred pink dolphin-like beings who visit the temples as well as angels, whale-like, and other cetacean-like beings, as well as others who live in other realms. They are sacred ‘dreamers.’


Part of the role of Mantis beings is to bring about order from what seems like chaos to humans. From their perspective, chaos doesn’t truly exist.

Mantises assist with the evolutionary process. This includes assisting with other beings, universes, worlds, and star systems. They are true co-creators and alchemists. The key focus of their work is with sound, light, and color, as frequencies.

Mantises are excellent at transmuting and balancing what humans would think of as dark and light energies. Also, they can project their frequencies into any universe they want to in order to assist in some way.

Mantis beings are focused on keeping cosmic energies in harmony. And if they feel energies are discordant in some way, they can assist in bringing balance and harmony into those dimensions and realms. They view the cosmos as a symphony.

Since the Mantis love their work, they do it with zest and style. They are exuberant and express joy like a 5-year old, yet are clear and in tune with the bigger picture of things. Mantises can see the details as well as see things from expanded, higher perspectives. They possess a wisdom that serves them and all of creation well.

There are Mantises who reside in higher interdimensional spaces who oversee the Mantis Councils who work with Earth as well as other planets, star systems, and universes. They can be referred to as Overseers or Guardians. These beings offer spiritual guidance to the Councils.

I’ve been communicating with a council of seven Overseers. They have shared with me that they oversee all other Mantis groups throughout the Cosmos. Also, that they, along with the Elohim, co-created other Mantis beings.

The Mantis Collective cares about what is happening to Earth’s environment. They often come to those who are doing environmental work, but they also support artists in every genre, and those who care about the greater good for everyone.


Mantises have been assisting with creating and setting into motion basic energetic grids for star systems, planets, worlds and dimensions. They actually create other universes, star systems, planets, worlds, dimensions and living beings. Mantises, along with other beings, assisted with creating the grids for Earth.

They understand the full spectrum of creation. These highly evolved beings helped set up the Cosmic grids, along with other councils of star beings. They simply set their intention in order to create and then we could say they literally “sing” their frequencies, which sings universes into existence. Everything is created from sound/frequency and light. They proceed to bring these energies into physical existence with whatever density they choose.

Mantis beings are an ancient race and even though they are one of the most highly evolved races, they, along with the rest of creation, are continuing to evolve. These beings helped create and watch over the cosmic grids. They also assist with integrating timelines and interdimensional frequencies.


Mantises are masters of genetic codes and at creating holographic energy bodies that then can manifest into form or quasi-physical manifestation or nonphysical expression. This applies not only to creating other beings, but also other universes, star systems and dimensions. This is a big part of their work.

After helping to set universes, planets, stars, and star systems into motion, they step back to let them evolve on their own. This is all part of the creative, evolutionary process and is done from a sense of play.

Also, they care deeply about all species on Earth, and Earth herself. They help support Earth and all beings in and around Earth with their frequencies in positive ways. These frequencies help maintain balance in the electromagnetic fields of Earth and beyond.

Mantis beings are aligned with the cosmic energies, which is essential because of the work they do throughout the cosmos and beyond. They keep the energies aligned and balanced. They oversee the cosmos with great love and precision in creating and overseeing the star systems and the cosmic grids.


Mantis have holographic light ships. These ships are pure light and can move through all dimensions. Their ships have the ability to materialize, to some extent, in the skies of Earth. I’ve been on their light ships a number of times. There are etheric crystal beings who help to guide a ship.

Mantis beings pilot by merging their consciousness with the ship’s consciousness to “become one.” These ships are organic. Mantis set their intention in regard to where they want to go, and the ship ‘jumps’ into whatever dimensional space they wish to be in.

Mantises oversee activities and beings on their ships and other ships as well. They act as guides. These beings take their work seriously while working on the ships, but are more relaxed in their personal lives and enjoy laughing and having fun, just as humans do when they’re not working.


Mantis have the ability to set their intention and to travel into whatever dimension or interdimensional space they wish to travel to without a ship. They often travel in an oval force field of pure white light which they create with intention, and then “jump” to their destination in a flash, faster than the speed of light. Mantis beings are masters with interdimensional travel.


Mantises work in cooperation with many other star cultures in doing all of the work already mentioned above. Some of these other races are of the celestial/angelic realm, as well as dolphin-like beings, whale-like beings, and those of the elemental realms including fairies and gnomes. There are other races as well that humans simply aren’t aware of whom they work with, and have been working with for much longer than we can imagine. The Mantis race cares deeply about Earth and are here assisting humanity in their evolutionary process.

There are people on Earth who have connections with the Mantis race and who have Mantis frequency in their original star DNA.


The praying mantises on Earth are gifts from the Mantises. We can connect with Mantis beings through the praying mantises. Also, praying mantises show up when a person is needing assistance.

Mantises can look through a praying mantis’s eyes to view the environment. This allows them to know what’s happening with Earth. And Mantises can energetically work through the praying mantises in various ways.

An author asked me to write about Mantises for her book. Right after I had sent her the material, I walked to my back door, and clinging on the glass door was a newborn Mantis whose wings were spread outward like an angel. The sun was shining and the light was shining through this one’s wings.


I’ve been communicating with at least eight different hybrid races of Mantis. I refer to each group as colors, since I can see their colors and feel the energies of who they are. For example, there are black, white, pink, golden tan, neon blue/purple/green, rainbow Mantis, and many others. Each carries their own vibration/color. When I communicate with them, I feel and see the differences of each group. The ones whom I communicate with are kind, loving, and gentle.


Most Mantis cultures are matriarchal. There is a female Mantis who guides the rest of the Council. In some groups the matriarch and a male guide the group. We could think of them as royalty, and the female Mantis could be compared to a queen. And in groups where there are male guides, the males could be viewed as kings. Everyone is equal.

I’ve seen some of the female Mantis beings wear what looks like a crown above their heads. Some crowns look like sparkling diamonds in sunlight. This is an energetic crown of Mantis frequencies.

Some Mantises wear different kinds of robes. Also, some of them wear pendants around their necks that emit activating light codes, created intentionally for specific purposes and energies. The pendants carry various frequencies which can be used for travel, healing, or whatever they desire.


The Mantis collective becomes one energy in order to create other Mantis beings. And two Mantis beings can both intentionally merge together to create a new Mantis being as well. The best word we have for this in English is “joining.” This is the word they told me that best describes these beautiful acts in creating their children.

They also ‘join’ with other races to create hybrid beings, which is what evolution is about. And this is why we have many hybrid races.

Not long ago, I had a Mantis/Angel hybrid who came to communicate some messages to me. She was one of the most beautiful, elegant beings of pure light I have ever experienced.


Mantises can activate and alter a human’s DNA codes as well as other star beings‘ codes. They do this when it’s appropriate to do so.

Some Mantis beings came to me a few years ago on New Year’s Eve. About eight of them showed up. I asked them why they were here. They told me they had a gift to give me as a new year was beginning.

They spent the entire day with me. I was delighted. During the evening they asked me to grab some paper and markers and to sit down. Through me, they drew an incredible light activation DNA code which helps to raise someone’s frequency, overall, by just looking at the light code on the paper. This is because it carries multidimensional energies that can fill a house and beyond, as well as activate someone in a gentle, balanced way.


Mantis beings had been here at my house most of the afternoon and evening. I had done a light language recording with Mantis coming through earlier. The energy in my house was raised pretty high after doing the recording.

Later in the evening, I was taking it easy, feeling a little discouraged about something in my life. There were eight Mantis beings roaming through the rooms of my house. I loved that they were spending the afternoon and evening with me.

As I was standing in my living room, a white Mantis queen (whose frequency/name is “Si,” pronounced like “Sai”), leaned over and embraced me with four appendages. She kissed the top of my head as we hugged. Then we quickly kissed each other as you would a family member. Then she placed an appendage on the top of my head. Tears filled my eyes as I felt her deep love for me. And she was feeling my deep love for her as I hugged her.

Si and I have been family long before Earth existed. Talk about being overwhelmed by love - I was, I still am.

I asked the Mantis if they could stay the night. I said, “Let’s have a pajama party.” They responded with, “Oh, yes, we’re going to stay the night. What are pajamas?” I laughed, saying that it was a term to describe having a fun, all-night party with close friends. They still wanted to see pajamas, so I showed them the closest thing to pajamas that I had in my closet. They laughed and shook their heads.


Mantis have an exquisite sense of humor. They often make me laugh, along with other star beings. Some star beings will try and mimic human behavior. They want to learn about us just as we want to learn about them.

One day, I was getting a massage (thankfully, my massage therapist was open to star beings assisting during our sessions). Suddenly, there were four Mantis standing just beyond my feet, so that I could see them. My massage therapist always has her CD playing music. A song came on and people were singing, and these Mantises were trying to lip-sync to the song. I thought I would fall off the table laughing. I shared this with my massage therapist and she said she could sense they were there. She was also highly entertained.

This may sound outrageous, but just as humans are wanting to learn more about star beings, they are wanting to learn more about us and human culture. Play, joy, and laughter are a huge part of evolving. It’s not by being serious. Humans cannot ‘think’ their way into evolving.

Mantises exude a vibrant joy that is infectious to those around them. Also, when they dance with abandon, I laugh out loud - their joy cannot be contained.


In general, Mantises are very gifted at being able to understand the “bigger” picture of the Cosmos and beyond. At the same time, they are good with details in their work. They are highly evolved in this way. And yet, Mantises are playful and love to have fun, laugh, and dance. They are child-like but not childish, and they have a great sense of humor.

Mantises are compassionate and creative beings. They create art. They love to sing, write, dance, create music, and poetry. Many star beings express creativity in these ways. This is not exclusive to humanity.

There are a number of people who are of Mantis Origin on Earth. Mantis beings can “look through” their eyes to view the surroundings. I have experienced this many times with my Mantis family as well as other star families.

Also, because Mantis eyes are so large, Mantis beings can see everything on the physical and etheric levels, as well as interdimensionally and beyond. They have no limitations.


Mantises have the ability to shapeshift. When they do this, they can look like angels with wings. What looks like wings is shining light extending from their energy fields.

When Mantis beings appear to people, they do not want to scare them, and this is why they will appear as angels. This allows a person to accept their support, healing and guidance. They are like angels in many ways. The Mantis and angels work together.


All Mantises whom I have met have wonderful healing abilities. They have a laser in their third eye (directed beams of their energy, infused with their intention), which they use for various kinds of healing. They can help others heal on the spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and soul level. Also, they can shift DNA frequencies in humans and other species.

There have been a number of times when Mantis beings have been around me that I’ve seen a laser of light come from the third eye and penetrate into various parts of my body for healing. They perform healing work by transmitting their frequencies into someone’s physical and etheric bodies, or wherever they feel it is needed. They have this knowledge. Their healing abilities expand way beyond using the third-eye laser.

Anyone can call on the Mantis for assistance. This can be for physical, spiritual, or emotional healing. I call on them when I am in need of various types of healing. Also, they often make me laugh, which brings healing, in and of itself.


In the healing work Mantises can do, they are specifically masters of holographic healing. This simply means they can assist with healing any aspect of the "whole" of who we are which includes the physical and all of our light bodies and soul. Mantises can shift energies within a person’s holographic body to help a person heal. Also, they are able to activate light codes within our energetic system and etheric DNA by just being present interdimensionally and sending that intention.

Once, I sprained and dislocated my left wrist and was in a lot of pain. A number of Mantises showed up and said they would repair my wrist and hand, so they took my holographic wrist and hand into another dimension to help heal it, and weeks later they integrated this healed wrist and hand back into and around my wrist and hand, which energetically merged with my body and melted the pain away.

Mantises have given me many light codes. I draw these light codes onto paper and this also activates people since the codes are multidimensional. Also, when I speak the light language of Mantises, this activates people with helping them to release old patterns and to align, so that they can be clearer and anchored in their authentic self. These codes also help to heal them.

I have always had fun and have had amazing experiences with Mantises. They are always willing to assist if we just ask them. The healing they perform may come in ways we don’t always recognize or understand. This is because they are doing their work from various higher planes, perspectives, and frequencies. They can see the whole of what’s going on with someone and the cosmos.


One morning, eight Mantises were standing around my bed when I woke up. They wanted to dance with me. I complained, “It’s too cold. I don’t want to get up.” They repeatedly asked me with excitement to get up, and kept asking like five-year old children would do. So, I got up and we danced together. Suddenly, my neck snapped and they had aligned my spinal column. It was a big gift and huge surprise! Aren’t I glad I got out of bed! By the way, there is a “Mantis dance.”


I want to end by sharing this heart-opening story.

(Robert Fullington is Mantis in regard to star origins, as well as myself.)

Robert and I had only recently met at a UFO conference, through our mutual beloved friend and star sister, Cynthia Crawford (Cynthia was known and loved in the starseed community and passed away a couple of years ago). We went to Cynthia’s house following the conference.

Robert and I were standing near the kitchen. We turned toward each other and simultaneously exchanged the Mantis bow with each other. We did it exactly the same way - holding both arms upward from the elbow, hands limp and hanging forward, we then bowed to each other. He and I were stunned, and then broke into laughter.

Cynthia and several others who were watching Robert and me started laughing. The room was filled with Mantis beings who were in quasi-physical form.

If you’re interested, you can read more about my story and both of their stories in the book, Meet the Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth, by Miguel Mendonça and Barbara Lamb.


Mantis beings visit me almost daily. I always feel joyful when they show up. They lift my spirits when I am feeling down. They bring me the gifts of their light language codes and songs which are extremely powerful and can assist and help heal people.

Mantises are heart-centered beings. They truly care about the cosmos and all living beings.

They asked me to share the following: “We serve divine love. We care about Earth and all species on Earth and beyond. We are here with open hearts. Listen to your heart’s song. Sing it with boundless joy.”


Written by Jacquelin Smith, C.HT.

Star Being & Animal Communicator, Author, Psychic, Artist

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I connected with A Mantis being the day before yesterday in Meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️( for the first time)I didn’t know what it meant but it felt good.. To me her energy seemed feminine she was larger than a Human dark bluish purple with huge dark almond shaped eyes kindness & gentleness emanating from her.. but she was quiet just letting me know she was observing me.. I will ask her to connect with me again especially after reading this beautiful information about them Thank you ♥️🌹♥️

Respondendo a

amazing!!! 🙌🏽 thank you so much... they are strongly wanting/making their presence known... and have a lot to share!!! 🤓 ...looking forward to hearing about any further connections you may have!!! 💞

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