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What Is A Starseed? {Different Starseed Types & Traits}

There are numerous Starseeds on this planet and they are here to illumine all of the dark corners of this earth.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson, The Book of Maxims, Poems and Anecdotes

What is a starseed? In this article, we explain what and who they are, where they come from, and why they are here. We also shed light on the different types of starseeds and their extraordinary abilities. If you are reading this, it could be that you either know a starseed or are one yourself.

What is a starseed child

The term “starseed” first came about in the 1970’s, a time when the people of earth were waking up to a change in the vibration on planet earth. It was at this time that the New Age Movement was formed. This marked the beginning of a massive vibrational shift in earth’s consciousness. It was also at this time that earth began to see an influx of new souls incarnating in human form for the human experience, these souls have extraordinary spiritual and psychological traits. It is believed that starseed children are souls from extraterrestrial origins who have incarnated into human form on earth through birth for the great awakening and to assist mankind in their ascension. Strangely enough, many starseed children are born with a kind of amnesia in relation to their soul’s origin, most go through life not knowing that they are in fact starseeds. It is generally through a spiritual awakening or activation of the third eye that they are finally able to remember their origin, past life and souls destiny, or mission here on earth.

What are starseeds here on Earth for?

Starseeds are souls of extraterrestrial origin that have come to earth to assist in the planets’ ascension into the golden age. Their life purpose is to spread their light, love, knowledge, and kindness to all the inhabitants of Gaia (earth). The earth has been dominated by lower vibrational beings for selfish gain for centuries, that is why there is so much pain, greed, and hurt on earth at the moment. Most of the human beings on earth have no idea that they are being controlled by these lower vibrational forces. The mission of a starseed is to raise the vibrations of the earth and all its beings to that of a higher vibration so that we can ascend into the new, golden age of love, peace abundance, and prosperity.

Many of them will have come from different dimensions, and parts of the galaxy, making each of their missions on earth slightly different from the next while executing the same main goal. Some will come from the Pleiadian, and Sirian star systems, others will come from the Andromedan, Orion, Arcturian, and Lyran systems. Each of these systems is invested in helping Earth ascend. Some seeds will come as healers, creative innovation beings, and others as catalysts, (they are the guides who will help people make the jump from 3D to 5D in the near future.) Either way, the ultimate goal of each starseed is to raise the vibration of the planet so that earth may return to its position as a 7th-dimensional galactic planet.

Most of the starseeds come with a sort of ‘know-how’ but because they are entering into energetically dense earth they are subjected to a kind of amnesia and require an event to unlock the DNA coded memories and knowledge of their specific extraterrestrial race, origin, and mission. DNA activation benefits are fairly impressive and certainly worth a study.

What are the different types of starseeds & their origin?

Starseeds have been incarnating on earth for the past 50-60 years, this started when the great shift began in the 60’s and 70’s. Since then the number of starseed souls coming to earth has increased, and this is because the ascension process as sped up. Starseeds come from different star systems within our galaxy and within the multiverse. They have been divided into 3 groups based on their arrival time throughout earths ascension process. The first being; Indigos, the second, Crystals and the third, Rainbows. There are particular personality, behavioral and physical traits and features that manifest in starseeds depending on what star system they originated from. As of today, astrologists know of 6 – 12 star systems from where star seeds have come from, the most common one being the Pleiadian system. The pleiadian starseeds were the first to be identified and documented.

The 6 well-known systems and their traits are;

  1. Pleiades constellation – A cluster is known as the seven sisters and is apart of the Taurus constellation. This cluster is viewable in the night sky. Pleiadian seeds are known to be highly intuitive and empathic. Most of them come to earth as lightworkers and are extremely spiritual beings.

  2. Sirius star – Consists of a binary star system, Sirius A and Sirius B and is located in the Canis Major constellation. Sirians are known to be shy, yet creative and have difficulty trusting others.

  3. Arcturus star – The brightest star in the Bootes constellation. Arcturians are clairvoyant, are great planners, builders, organizers and have a very good memory.

  4. Lyran constellation – Lyrans call the Vegas star home, which is located inside the Lyra constellation. They are star people who are independently minded and value justice.

  5. Orion constellation – The most well-known constellation and is home to the Orions who are said to be logical, and good at self- discipline.

  6. Andromeda galaxy – Our milky way’s neighboring galaxy, located 2.5 million light-years away. Andromedans value freedom, individuality and are intune with their higher self.

There is no one specific origin for each group of seeds, they have come from all over and their starseed title is dependent on the time in which they incarnated in earth.

“I don’t belong on earth, my soul is from the stars. I’m visiting this planet for a while so i can help people listen to their hearts.” ― Nikki rowe

Indigo Children

What are indigo children?

Indigo starseeds have an aura that is indigo in color. They incarnated on Earth between the 50’s and 80’s. The color of their aura directly corresponds with the 6th chakra or third eye chakra which is indigo in color. This chakra and color is related to truth, vision, clarity and spiritual perseverance. This is the gift these souls have brought to earth for humanity. They entered earth at a very crucial point in time and space, earth and humanity were experiencing a massive shift in consciousness. The indigo souls incarnated to initiate change and to disrupt a very corrupt and toxic political, racial and economical system. They shed light on the toxicity of the systems that governed humanity, bringing about a global awakening, and setting the wheels in motion for earths great ascension. Indigo seeds are the matrix breakers.

Crystal Children

What are crystal children?

It is said that crystal children are the ‘continuation’ of the indigo starseed line. They began incarnating from the 1980’s up until the early 2000’s. They are generally children of indigos and have an aura that is crystal clear. They are known to exude an ‘old soul’ persona, their soul, imbued with the knowledge of their past lives among the stars. They were born as idealists, wanting to create a perfect world for one and all. Crystal seeds live by the Law of One and believe in global and universal oneness. They are here to lay the foundations of love, compassion, empathy, and kindness for the new generation of starseeds to build upon. They are here to teach humanity the gift of unconditional love and kindness.

Rainbow Children

What are rainbow children?

Rainbow children are the latest wave of starseeds that have begun to incarnate on earth, starting after the 2000’s. They are primarily the offspring of the second wave of starseeds, the crystal children. Less is known about them due to the fact that they are so new. What we do know is that they come from the ninth dimension of consciousness. These little souls, no older than 20 years old are born free from negative karma, are highly evolved, and spiritually advanced in ways we are yet to completely understand and fathom. These souls are born with complete trust in their intuition which enables them to move through life effortlessly. They have strong psychic powers, are highly creative, and possess a strong connection to color, which is quite fitting as they have a rainbow aura. The most special thing about rainbow children is that they effortlessly move through life by giving and receiving joy, rather than acting on impulse and desire, even from a very young age.

Starseed children’s characteristics, symbols, markings, blood types & missions

Starseeds have specific characteristics that make them special, this sets them apart from earth seeds. Another interesting and extraordinary trait of starseeds is their blood. Many starseeds are said to have Rh Negative or positive blood – blood from the stars. Rh-negative blood is said to be ‘karma’ free. Meaning, the ancestral karma from previous human incarnations has not been recorded in the DNA structure of the blood unlike other blood types. This allows them to function and vibrate at a much higher frequency, unaffected by the density of earth’s current 3rd-dimensional state. This also allows them to tap into their sensory abilities of telepathy, empathy, clairaudience, and clairvoyance, allowing them to access the akashic records and make contact with ET’s.

Starseed traits & characteristics

Starseed traits and characteristics are unlike those of earth seed souls. Starseeds essentially come from different places and times throughout the multiverse. Their traits and characteristics may vary depending on where in the multiverse they originate from. However, all starseeds carry a similar higher vibrational.

Indigo starseed traits, characteristics & birthmarks

Indigo seeds are known as warriors and are guided and protected by Archangel Michael. They are the pioneers, the first wave of starseeds to incarnate on earth, their characteristics make it easy to distinguish them from those whose souls are earthbound. Indigos may have unusual birthmarks or freckles in peculiar and interesting shapes.

  • They are strong-willed – Once their mind is set on doing something almost nothing can stop them.

  • Freethinkers – Indigos have not been held captive by mainstream conditioning. Their opinions and thoughts are driven by reason and logic.

  • They are headstrong / Non-conformists – Indigos are a breed of their own, their souls are not from here so naturally, they will not conform to societies ‘norm’. They are determined and passionate about their individuality.

  • Highly creative – Indigos have a very creative mind, they are drawn to the arts and the innovative idea world. Constantly bringing their inner light into reality, whether it be with song, dance, art or practical inventions.

  • Indigos are naturally idealistic – Indigos perfectionists in some way or the other, for instance, they dream of a perfect world, a world where peace reigns and kindness is the universal language.

  • They are perceptive and intuitive and have access to psychic abilities – Indigos have a 6thh sense, if you will, and are able to perceive things that are not always visible to others.

  • They are naturally empathic and compassionate – Most Indigos who incarnated on earth are empaths and were born with empathy and compassion already in their hearts. They are able to tap into the emotions of those around them and feel it as if it were their own, making it easier for them to relate to people and animals. They have a deep level of compassion for all beings and being kind is like second nature, that is why children and animals are drawn to them.

What do Indigo starseeds look like?

There isn’t much information documented on the physical traits of Indigos, however, the common physical traits seen among indigos are; piercing bright eyes and a youthful appearance, despite their age.

Crystal starseed traits, characteristics & birthmarks

Crystal seeds are exceptional beings who were sent here to lay the foundation of love, empathy, compassion, and kindness for humanity in the great ascension. They exude an ‘old soul persona and are known to have a number of unique traits such as;

  • They are sensitive, both mentally and physically – they often suffer from intolerances and allergies caused by chemicals and pollutants.

  • Highly spontaneous and tend to act before thinking things through.

  • Crystal seeds are natural huggers and often do not know or comprehend personal boundaries, this is because they feel deeply connected to everything, and everyone (they live by the law of one)

  • Crystal seeds are badly affected by negative events, both personal and worldwide.

  • They tend to become healers, psychics, artists, helpers/volunteers, or teachers.

  • They possess massive amounts of love for their family, friends, and animals.

  • They willingly give their love unconditionally.

  • They tend to get bored easily and struggle to learn if they are being forced.

  • They have access to gifts of clairvoyance and healing abilities.

Crystal seeds may have an unusual birthmark or freckles in peculiar and interesting shapes on their body. This can be a clue as to their cosmic origin.

What do Crystal starseeds look like?

There is not much documented on the physical traits of crystal seeds except for having a deeply penetrating gaze and big, beautiful, lively round eyes.

Rainbow starseed traits, characteristics & birthmarks

We do not know much about the new 9th dimensional beings incarnating on earth at the moment because they are still so new to us. However, we have been able to document some of the exceptional traits and characteristics being shown by the rainbow seeds that have so far incarnated. Rainbow seeds may have an unusual birth mark/s or freckles in peculiar and interesting shapes which can sometimes be a clue to where in the stars they have come from.

  • They are fearless – They have no fear within their DNA coding and therefore are able to shine their light and fulfill their purpose with no hesitance.

  • They are focused on service – They are happiest when serving the divine with assisting humanity in their ascension process.

  • They are high energy beings and tend to be hyperactive.

  • Rainbow seeds are incredibly strong-willed

  • They are highly creative and possess the ability to manifest their needs into their reality in an instant.

  • They are attuned to color vibration and healing and seek to be surrounded by color as much as possible.

  • They are innovative – They have new, original and practical ideas on how to create a greener more sustainable future.

  • They possess incredible healing and psychic abilities, unlike anything the world has seen before.

  • They are naturally empathic and are able to tap into people and animals energies and help balance those energies – This is also why people and animals are so drawn to rainbow seeds.

  • They are often misdiagnosed with autism or ADD/ADHD because they learn and grow at a different pace to others.

What do Rainbow starseeds look like?

There are no recorded physical traits of rainbow seeds except that they have large, bright eyes, a beautiful and infectious smile, and exude a bright rainbow aura.

Starseed symbols

Starseed symbols are geometric shapes that hold symbolic meaning. It is very similar to the way we use symbols here on earth. These symbols are also sometimes called sigils, or light codes and light language. There are many, and each one is different. Each star race has its own set of codes or symbols, each unique to its origin. The most common or known set of symbols is the angelic codes. These symbols are said to hold energetic resonance and when meditated on can help you attune to its star origin. The symbols also assist in activating and remembering DNA coded memories.

Sirian starseed symbol

Pleiadian starseed symbol

Lyrian starseed symbol

Arcturian starseed symbol

Andromedan starseed symbol

Starseed markings

Starseed markings are not what you think it is, it is not a physical mark on your skin, it is the positioning of celestial bodies (planets and stars) at the time of your birth. By analyzing your planetary placements you are able to tell if you have extraterrestrial origins. This is done by determining the position of the sun, moon, and other visible planets and whether or not they correspond with a specific star system at the time of your birth. By determining the areas they were in, it’s possible to discover your soul’s cosmic origin.

Origin starseed markings

Origin marking indicates which star system you originate from.

Incarnation starseed markings

Incarnation marking, this mark tells you about your past lives. If you consider yourself an old soul that you have most likely had multiple past lives. Incarnation marks are like pins on a map, showing you all the places you’ve been and lived in the past. Incarnation markings can help you trace your movements through the stars and various star systems that you may have existed before coming to earth as a starseed.

Indigo starseed markings

Starseed markings can be determined by analyzing the placements of celestial bodies in your natal chart. It’s important to note the placement of the sun and moon at the exact time of your birth. Starseed origins are determined by noting the correspondence of the planets to different star systems. In doing this, you are able to trace your cosmic origin.

Crystal starseed markings

There are no exact recordings of crystal starseed markings because these markings may vary depending on the individual and their planetary placements at the time of their incarnation.

Rainbow starseed markings

Rainbow starseed markings can be determined by analyzing the positions of the planets within your birth chart. This method uses the unique placements of these planetary bodies to discover the origins of your soul and home star system.

Starseed missions

The missions of starseeds can vary depending on what star system they originated from, however, each starseed shares a common objective and that is to assist earth and all its beings in the great ascension process.

Indigo starseed mission

Indigo seeds came first, they came at a crucial point in history, a time where earth and its beings were experiencing a shift in consciousness. Indigos came to initiate change, to disrupt the old and corrupt system. Their main goal was and still is, to shed light on how unfair, outdated, and rotten earth’s political and economical systems are. To shed light on racism and classism and help those trapped in these old lower vibrational paradigms break free. They came to clear the earth of its corruption and societal illnesses while teaching humanity what true integrity means. They were the first wave of higher vibrational souls to come earth to assist. They are the barrier breakers.

Crystal starseed mission

Crystal seeds came to lay the foundation of love and compassion. They came with a clear mission to uplift the consciousness of humanity and the natural world as a whole. These seeds function and work as a collective rather than individuals, making their presence that much stronger. They live by the Law of One and believe in global and universal oneness. Their life’s purpose is dedicated to teaching humanity the importance of love, peace, and kindness. They are here to show mankind that a future imbued with values rooted in love, compassion, and peace, is possible. They are here to help human beings realize their inner, divine power.

Rainbow starseed mission

Rainbow seeds are the latest wave of extraterrestrial souls to incarnate on earth. They have come with their colorful auras and extraordinary spiritual abilities to heal and rebalance the distorted energies of humanity. Their mission is to anchor in 9th-dimensional energy and help usher in a more technologically advanced, compassionate, empathetic, green, and sustainable future for all. One where we are in harmony with Gaia and her animals. With their kind and loving hearts, they will lead the way to a future where we live in harmonic abundance with the earth. They will help humanity realize and anchor in the divine power that resides within each being on earth, thus bringing us all closer to divinity.

How to know if you’re a starseed child

You might find yourself asking if yourself whether or not you are a starseed. The answer to that is, if you felt a resonance with this article and the information within, chances are, you probably are one, or know one. Take the starseed quiz to see if you really are! You may even find you’re an extradimensional being.

Our conclusion about the different types of starseed children

Whether you’ve felt the planetary shift or not, it is happening. Earth’s consciousness is rising and we are evolving as a human race with the help of starseeds. Starseeds are also evidence of the existence of benevolent ET races who only want the best for earth and humanity. The future is looking bright with the increasing number of rainbow starseeds incarnating daily and that will continue to incarnate in the years to come.


Written by:

Jade Small


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