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The Full Wolf Moon in Leo Packs Tremendous Power—Here’s How Your Sign Can Best Use It

With the full wolf moon in Leo rising on January 28 at 2:16 p.m., ET, the universe is sending a burst of cosmic creative and transformational energy our way. Ruled by the vibrant sun, the fixed fire sign of Leo represents self-expression and creation. While the lunar event can open the road for innovative growth, it's key to channel the energy in a positive direction because it can also influence rash decisions or visceral reactions that we may later regret if we are not careful. Full moon energy lasts for up to two weeks after it has occurred, and during this time, the manifestation of it can occur.

A full moon brings about a culmination, manifestation, or reveal in the area of life in which it occurs for you. This particular full moon activates the major stellium in Aquarius (three or more planets in a sign) that we've experienced since the new year began. The Leo full moon is opposite the Aquarius sun, which forms powerful connections with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. This planetary alignment pushes you to become a pioneer in your own life by breaking apart outdated structures in order to ultimately steer yourself towards positive growth.

This planetary alignment pushes you to become a pioneer in your own life by breaking apart outdated structures in order to ultimately steer yourself towards positive growth.

Another important aspect of this full moon in Leo is that it’s forms a T-square to action planet Mars and rebellious Uranus in the value and comfort-oriented sign of Taurus. This challenging aspect serves as a cosmic wakeup call that'll push us from our comfort zone and make change in our own life. Expect breakthroughs and sudden plans of action.

While sudden changes can be good, they can also bring up old traumas, leading to fear and anxiety. When we honor our feelings and allow these difficult responses to the external to heal, we are opening up room for something beautiful to manifest in its place. The key here is to avoid impulsivity. Take time to practice mindfulness and release challenging emotions to not only help you get through this time but to also manifest positivity in your life. This is a powerful time for creation if you allow yourself the freedom to access your inspiration, release the judgments of others, and make informed decisions based on your intuition.

Here's how to navigate and ground yourself during the full moon in Leo, according to your zodiac sign.


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Your creativity is receiving a fiery boost. The full moon is occurring in your fifth house of romance, self-expression and fun. It serves as a cosmic reminder to embrace your inner child and honor the gifts you have to bring into the world. Your income and material gains can shift in order to force you in a better direction. Make a plan and ensure your heart aligns.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Acting like a child again and embracing your creative side can help you release stress during this time. Indulging in play or allowing yourself to paint freely can be healing and also spark inspiration. This can help you lean into the full moon’s energy in order to manifest your next great idea.


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Home is where the heart is naturally for you Taurus, and the full moon is illuminating this area of life. Your fourth house of home, family, and your emotional center is being activated, and tension can push you to change your home environment in order to be conducive to your career.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Perhaps you have felt stagnant in your home office or where you do creative work. Plan a DIY project to spruce up your space in order to breath more life into it and boost your creativity. Investing in a few plants to clarify your home’s environment can also ground you back into your zodiac sign’s element of Earth.


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Your third house of communication and ninth house of broader messages is receiving a jolt of powerful energy. You may have kept your true values to yourself, but now, a sudden situation may push you to share your views with the world. Not everyone will accept your opinion, but this lunar energy is giving you peace.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Journaling can be incredibly healing for you, as you are a Mercury (communication) ruled sign. Take time to journal creative, original thoughts you may have been too afraid to share with others. This can help those thoughts get out of your head and become reality.


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Once you just believe in your ideas, you have the capacity to create abundance from them. The moon is your ruling planet, and its cycles affect you more than other signs. The full moon is in your second house of earned income and is also affecting your finances. You could feel pushed to suddenly change this area of your life. A new path can lead to positive growth, but take a moment to reflect first.

Your full-moon self-care tip: A vision board can give you the visual motivation needed to embrace your imaginative spirit each day. Take time to reflect on the way in which you want to earn your income. Create a vision board, complete with all of your desires in order to start manifesting them.


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The full moon in Leo creates a potent two-week period for you, with the focus placed on business and personal relationships. You are realizing that areas of certain bonds are stagnant and need to be completely overhauled or changed. Prepare to make shifts in order to be in a partnership that is not only aligned but beneficial to your progress.

Your full-moon self-care tip: It’s time to invoke the energy of your ruling planet, the sun, with movement. The sun is the vitality and life of the universe, and when you tap into your own life force, it can be your power. Taking a dance class online or even doing your own thing can help you release some of the tension and bursts of energy you might feel from this lunar event. Turn on the music, and let your inner lion shine through.


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You are quite busy, and this full moon in Leo is coming to amp up your schedule. You can feel sudden inspiration and a creative idea blossom, adding more to your to-do list. You are driven to express sides of yourself that others have not seen, and the universe is here to back you up. Just be careful not to overwhelm yourself—rest is also key.

Your full-moon self-care tip: A spiritual bath or even salt bath can promote me time and healing in order to restore your soul for your daily grind. Take time the night of the full moon to draw a bath, light lavender incense for relaxation, and meditate. You will be grateful the next day (and perhaps less irritable, too).


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It’s time to let your light shine to others, Libra. The full moon in Leo is in your 11th house of groups, your network, and dreams is encouraging you to express yourself in the most authentic way. This could come in the form of a new project or initiative that is more in alignment with your future dreams. It could create a reaction from others, but it’s important to remain true to you.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Boost and amplify your self-love in order to deflect and transmute any negative energy. Guided breathwork can reconnect you to your heart center and encourage you to feel safe in your physical body.


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Your career is in the spotlight, and the full moon in Leo is encouraging you to integrate your emotional truth into your work. As an introverted sign, this energy urges you to come out of the shadows professionally and put your work in the spotlight. It’s encouraging you to release the fear you’ve had around being the center of attention.

Your full-moon self-care tip: It’s time to release control by doing something outside of our comfort zone. Write down what you're afraid of, and meditate on it 20 minutes, allowing yourself to feel into your fears. Finally, take the sheet of paper, fold it in half and then roll it away from you. Dispose of the paper in the trash or recycling outside of your home or in a fire safe manner, burn it as a sign of release.


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This full moon in Leo pushes you to recognize your self-care needs. You may have been pushing yourself fairly hard recently to complete certain tasks, and now the universe is giving you the hint that you need to take a break. Burnout occurs when we don’t allow ourselves to rest, and this time could encourage you to do just that.

Your full-moon self-care tip: This is the perfect week to take some time off or a much needed mental-health day. It’s important to nurture not only your body, but your mind and soul; read a creative story or do something enjoyable, like seeing a loved one, if it is safe for you to do so.


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It’s important to be aware of your budget at this time, Capricorn. You may realize certain debts or be tempted to overspend. Take time to look at your relationship to money as well as shared expenses if you have a partner or are married. This can be a time to revamp and renew versus allow it to stress you out and lead to more challenges.

Your full-moon self-care tip: A money ritual can help bring in abundance or heal your relationship to finances. A money jar is a simple yet effective way. Find a mason jar and collect the ingredients: green glitter, pine needles, bay leaves, and an abundance oil of your choice. Each day in the morning, add a small amount of one of the ingredients and, if you feel inspired, add coins or dollar bills each day to help metaphysically build your money. Keep it going each day until it’s entirely full.


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Your relationships are in the energetic limelight. A situation can trigger you to analyze your unique identity and whether your current work or personal relationships truly honor you and your values. This could push you to end an important bond abruptly, but it’s important to take a moment. The trick is to be yourself, as the most unique sign of the zodiac.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Mirror work is an excellent way to boost your self-esteem and help you to embrace yourself. Write down 13 things you love about yourself in first person. It may seem awkward at first, but talk to yourself and say the positive affirmations out loud in the mirror. This is metaphysically shifting your vibration towards acceptance.


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You have been doing much self-work behind the scenes and contemplating ways that you can innovate and challenge yourself in your daily life. You could take sudden action today on new health goals or set the bar high when it comes to a new creative project. Be careful not to overbook yourself with tasks, as this can lead to burnout. Instead take time to ideate and strategically craft how you can realistically proceed for the long term.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Meditation is a great way to organize everything that is buzzing around in your mind. Prior to your session, write down your health and work goals in order to see everything you want to accomplish. Read them out loud and then meditate silently for 20 minutes. After this time of reflection to slow your mind down, start to add dates for when you want to accomplish each item. Use it as your plan of action.


By Adama Sesay


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