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Meditation Is Up 2,900%—Here’s What 3 Mindfulness Teachers Say Your At-Home Space Needs

If the stress of, you know, existential threat in light of the pandemic led you to pick up a calming meditation practice, you’re not alone. In fact, according to FitBit data on quarantine activities gathered from its tens of millions of users, meditation saw a 2,900 percent rise between March and September of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. And it definitely makes sense; during this time at home, with many gyms shut down, many folks have adapted their self-care practices to work within the confines of (sometimes tiny) living spaces. And unlike the case of many other activities that require a lot of accessories, meditation room essentials tend to only include "yourself," and maybe "Headspace."

That being said, cultivating a relaxing corner to shut down the stressors of the world with intention can be meaningful as well. Meditation leader Biet Simkin says that dedicated meditation rooms aren't at all necessary (which is great for those who find themselves with little square footage to spare), having some intentional space can be helpful. "I would say sacred texts, art, and candles are delicious essentials for the meditation-station upgrade."

Other mindfulness-expert-approved meditation room essentials? Comfortable pillows or seats upon which to sit. "Correct posture is important for a meditation practice, so meditation cushions are a must-have for your meditation room," says meditation expert Laurasia Mattingly. Likewise, If you're looking to open up your energy centers, you need to have the spine straight and be able to receive. So there are a few different routes you can take when picking out a meditative pillow.

With all of this in mind, Simkin, Mattingly, and meditation coach Josephine Atluri, are here to share their meditation room essentials in hopes that the intel might inspire your own space. Rounded up below are 12 of their faves.

Mattingly recommends classic zafu and zabuton meditation cushions, which features a round pillow to sit upon, and a broader, often square cushion upon which to rest your legs. It's the best of both worlds when it comes to meditation, because it helps you raise your hips and facilitate all those pretzel-y positions.

If you want something a little more cushy and contemporary, Atluri says a floor pillow can give you added support and get you sitting upright during your practice. I'm loving this one for its soothing mint-green color and splashes of foliage.

Here's one final utilitarian option for those who spend all day hunched over a computer. If you have trouble keeping your back straight during your meditation practice, Alturi recommends this reclining chair. She also points out that it's ideal if you want to lie down on the floor during your meditative moment.

Mattingly says using an essential oil diffuser allows you to amplify relaxation benefits with each inhale. Alturi recommends this wallet-friendly brand that ensures each ingredient is sourced from its native environment.

Some people need absolute silence in order to concentrate while others enjoy having an auditory experience that's soothing. If you fall into the latter category, Alturi recommends these Koshi Chimes. "It's so peaceful to hear those delicate sounds," she says.

Alturi recommends doing a self-warming eye mask during your practice to add another literal layer to your self care. This particular mask warms pressure points around the eyes, relieving tension around the area that can lead to you getting a good flow on. And again, if discipline is a struggle with meditation, wearing this may help ensure that your eyes remain shut.

If you're looking to get into a flow state, why not bring water imagery into the mix? This wall hanging executes the tranquil element of water down to the fringes and adds a stunning full-moon on the horizon. When you need to get hold of your emotions (ahem, water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), use this imagery for inspiration.

If you want something on the smaller side, why not get a mini-print? I love the energy of this piece: She's floral, exuberant, and can still work the healing powers of millennial pink (RIP). Keep this among all the plants in your meditation space that should be getting more light.

Sometimes you just need a friendly reminder as to why taking a moment to breathe is so crucial. This tapestry says it all in one, sweeping statement. Hang it up and let it guide you the next time you're frustrated about "fitting in" five minutes for your daily compassion meditation.

Options are also kind of limitless when it comes to candles, so we're also going to offer a few based on each vibe: If you want something that would fit in a waterside locale, pick one by Laguna Candles. Their ceramic holders come in four sizes and invoke the shoreside memories of a simpler time by the beach.

11. Meditation Candles, $28 for a set of 2

Crushed in these petal-infused candles are my go-to flavors: dried lavender and rose, mixed with lavender, rose, cedar wood, and chamomile essential oils. It's a fragrant blend that'll make you feel like you're meditating in the fields of Provence.

If you're trying to meditate yourself out of complete despair (feel that), an "Uplift Yourself" candle by I See You Wellness might perk you up. It comes in a travel can so you can rest on the go, and it packs a potent, mood-boosting blend of citruses, like blood orange and grapefruit.


By Mary Grace Garis


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